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Three Things Parents Must Do!

parents are heroes Dec 14, 2022

Carol Berman came on December 7th and gave a tremendous amount of great information about parenting a child with special needs and what she has learned through raising her son who has multiple disabilities. I have known Carol for over 20 years and here are the 3 most important things she taught me and shared that night on Zoom.

Never Stop Encouraging Independence 

Carol made sure her son Michael was as independent as possible. She taught him ways to get around his weaknesses and to express his strengths. She shared about how so many IEPs focused on what her son Michael could not do....

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Parents are Heroes!

parents are heroes Apr 15, 2020


There have been few crises in the world that compare to the devastation COVID19 has or will cause. To those of you that have been parents through this crisis, I would like to devote this blog to you.

Currently, parents are the foundation that is keeping the world solid and all of its children surviving and safe on a daily basis. You play a critical role.  The greatest resource any country has are its people and you are caring for those we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts, our children.

 I would like to thank each of you as parents for the heroic job you...

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