Exceptional Children Need Exceptional Schools and Communities!

Pathways provides online and onsite trainings on how to include children of all abilities using a "children teaching children" model!


Mentor Training

Pathways award winning mentor program trains students in second to twelfth grades how to include and befriend students of all abilities in schools and communities.

Include ME! Assemblies

Pathways comes to speak to schools and larger events to inspire people about inclusion and transform their perception of disability from "can't" into what they "can" do!

Online Training Programs

Pathways runs over 60 inclusive programs a year using the children teaching children model. Learn how you can bring this amazing model to your schools and communities!

Founder of Pathways Becomes International Best Selling Author!

Melinda Jennis just released her paperback cover of her new book Include ME! on Amazon. The book reached #1 Best Seller in 15 categories of education and parenting. The book tells the story of how to build greater inclusion in our schools, communities and businesses in an inspiring and authentic way!


Inclusion is Vital to Healthy Communities 

Many children struggle to succeed and feel included with their peers. This is especially true for those with disabilities. Does your heart break when you see a child in tears, without friends, and teased as a result of their differences.

Pathways mentor program is designed to alleviate fear and instill empathy. The training is interactive giving students opportunities to role play and creatively problem solve to include students of all abilities. Students experience what disability feels like and see videos that inspire them to think about what those with disabilities "can do" not what they "can't." This training is also very effective in training teachers, paras, and coaches!


Include ME!

School Assemblies 

The Include ME! assemblies began in 2010 by students that had a passion for inclusion.  

Their goal was to deliver a strong and motivating message to their fellow students that would help create a sense of belonging for children of all abilities.

Their purpose was three fold:

  • Change the perception of disability from "can't" to "can."
  • Increase students confidence when interacting with people having disabilities in ways that form lasting friendships.
  • Develop a sincere empathy that promotes deeper understanding of the struggles and frustrations disability can cause.
  • Apply inclusion principles learned to all situations in life

Children Teaching Children

The Most Creative and Empowering Way to Learn!

When you hear "peer pressure" you often associated it with negative outcomes.  Pathways uses peer mentoring to positively influence and change lives.  Pathways mentor training helps children find their passions and share and them with others.  As a result, they learn to creatively modify to the unique learning needs of the children they mentor.  The youth today will be our leaders in the next generation.  Pathways focuses on preparing them now to be leaders for inclusion of people of all abilities! 


Pathways Has Done Trainings Throughout

New Jersey and Beyond!

Pathways has traveled to schools, recreation centers, churches, temples, businesses and other organizations training over 60,000 children and adults to include people of all abilities and backgrounds.  As our communities become more diverse, inclusion must become a priority!  Below are a few of the many communities we have traveled to train.  Contact us to take  take "Include ME!" national!


Mentoring and Include Me!

Award Winning Programs

Pathways' mentor and Include ME! programs have won national awards for creating outstanding leadership skills in youth.  Pictured is Stephanie Jennis (white sweater) with Chelsea Clinton receiving a leadership award from generationOn.  Stephanie Jennis was also presented with the Prudential Spirit of Community Award by Eli Manning.  Stephanie received the awards for helping to create programs within Pathways that have changed the lives of children and empowered communities throughout New Jersey and beyond!