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Practical strategies you can use on your journey to raising a child with disabilities

Three Steps to Break Down a Reading Comprehension Goal

iep information Dec 27, 2021

Last week we looked at a functional annual goal involving dressing skills and how to break it down into smaller objectives and measurable building blocks. You may want to review last week’s blog (12-20-21) for details on the breakdown into objectives, skills and modifications.

Again, you may have different goals, but this step-by-step process is the same for any annual goal.  This week we will look at a reading comprehension goal. For the purposes of this blog we will break down only the first objective and required skills and strategies.

Three Steps to the Process


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Three Steps Toward Meeting Annual Goals

iep information Dec 19, 2021

Last week we discussed IEP objectives as building blocks or “stepping stones” to reach an annual goal. It would be helpful to review last week’s blog (12-4-21) for details on how important the objectives are toward meeting annual goals.

We selected a dressing goal as our example in last week. You may have very different goals for your child but this step-by-step process is the same, no matter what the annual goal is. This week we will take it a step further by breaking down the objectives into basic skill sets your child may need to reach their goals and objectives.


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What Matters Most in an IEP

iep information Nov 09, 2021

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of an IEP meeting?  Do you “quiver in your boots” just thinking of reading evaluations that make no sense and do not describe your child as you know them? Are you frustrated from hearing all of the negatives about your child but little progress, year after year? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, read on.  Some of the families I work with have coined the acronym PTSD-IEP.  The trauma of past IEP meetings can trigger stress and discomfort before the meeting even occurs.

How can you get a good IEP? ...

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