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Practical strategies you can use on your journey to raising a child with disabilities

What Are Your Expectations?

#personaldevelopment Oct 10, 2022

When you look at your life or your children’s lives, what do you see? Do you see status quo, comfort, or boring repetition?  Do you wake up feeling alive, excited, and fulfilled about your life or do you hate the thought of getting out of bed because it’s just another day?  I find in my life I have to keep expecting more and stretching to live up to my truest potential. Nobody else will do it for me. When I stop expecting more, both my son with special needs and I begin to stagnate. Ask yourself do you keep evolving toward a better self? What kind of expectations do...

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Are you Ready to Get Back to School?

#personaldevelopment Sep 06, 2022

We are moving out of summer and into to the fall. For some of you, it means kids going back to school, tons of extracurricular activities, and loads of homework! Schedules become chaotic and life soon becomes unmanageable. That is why I am a huge fan of sitting down and proactively setting boundaries before things get out of control.

Learn from the past:

Often habits have a way of repeating themselves. Last school year you may have been crazy and your life seemed unmanageable. You survived but you want to do more than just survive. You want to live and feel the kind of fulfillment you were...

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How Do You Make Difficult Decisions?

#personaldevelopment Aug 29, 2022

How you make decisions has everything to do with how successful you will be. Think about it, we make hundreds of decisions every day from what clothes we will wear, food we will eat, and careers we will pick. Each of these decisions can lead us closer to or further away from the lives we want. Do you have a plan that helps you make the best decisions? Below are the basic three “Vs” that I have found help me make my best decisions. 

What are your values?

As a parent of a child with multiple disabilities, I have had to be my son’s advocate since the day he was born....

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