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How to Set Boundaries for Success!

This last week we had Sabrina Klele speak at our “Women Empowering Women”  group. For those that missed the time, we wanted to give you a recap  of the great takeaways we all learned from Sabrina. The most important takeaways she shared could be summed up in two words: “setting boundaries.”

Taking Time for Self Care:

Sabrina has four children, one of those has special needs. All of her children were born very close together so she had her hands full. She shared about how she taught her children from a very early age that mommy had “her time.” She would line up the sippy cups and snacks and put on a 30 minute movie for her kids.  She would then go work out and stressed to the kids that this was “her time.” It wasn’t always easy and did not happen overnight, but eventually all of her kids began to understand and respect that boundary.  Sabrina stressed that drawing boundaries where you can and getting your children to understand those boundaries was key to her getting the time she needed to rejuvenate.

Listening to Your Inner Self:

We asked Sabrina how she dealt with conflict or people whose opinions were different from hers when it came to raising her son with special needs. She said initially, she listened to all the professionals because she “thought” they knew better than she did. Even when everything inside of her yelled that it was not the right thing for her child, she followed their advice and opinions. She said one of the most valuable things she learned was to listen to her gut feelings. Sabrina shared that most of the time when she followed other people’s advice against what she felt was right,  it ended up being the wrong thing to do. Sabrina said that learning to set boundaries and not allowing other people’s advice to overrule her own was where she found greater success. Sabrina advised us to listen to your inner self and to follow your gut feelings of what is right for your child!

Have the Courage to Follow Your Passions:

When Sabina graduated from college she became a special education teacher.  After having children, her passions changed.  She did the research to find out what certifications and licenses she had to get to become a realtor and yoga instructor. In order to take online courses during the pandemic, Sabrina’s husband would have to help her by taking care of the children during her class time. Together they worked out their schedules. Sabrina engraved her class time into her schedule and committed to it. It took a lot of courage to change careers, especially in the middle of a pandemic, but Sabrina set her boundaries. She became very committed to her passions and after much hard work and discipline, she is now a successful realtor and certified yoga instructor. She advised all of us to set our boundaries and not give up on the dreams we have for our own lives.  Sabrina’s life is certainly an example to all of us on following our dreams!

The “Women Empowering Women” group learned a lot from Sabrina and we greatly appreciated her transparency and openness in sharing about her life. The women also shared and asked questions of Sabrina and each other. The group is not designed to be about the kids or IEPs. It is designed as a time for you to talk and share about YOU!  Our next “Women Empowering Women” group will meet July 13th at 7:30pm via Zoom. Mark your schedules! More information to follow soon!


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