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Does Your Mind Ever Stop?

# self care Jan 25, 2022

Do you feel like your brain never stops? When you are listening to somebody else does your mind race off thinking about what you have to do next? Are you driven to look at your cell phone even at the dinner table with your family? Do you have a hard time just letting your brain relax and be quiet? 

Does your brain need a break?

Like everyone else, I am struggling with turning things off. Work and life commingle.  Employment is no longer a 9-5 job. It is now expected that work goes with you on your cell phone twenty four hours a day. Add to that all the family obligations and having the responsibilities of a child with special needs, and our brains are constantly on overload. We suffer from not only being physically tired, but from emotional and mental fatigue as well!

 Can you hear yourself think?

One thing I have come to realize is my life can become so filled with noise I have a hard time hearing myself think. Do you ask yourself what you want in life and get a feeling of emptiness and dead silence? Have you become so in tune with everyone else’s needs and the world’s mayhem on social media, that you have forgotten to stay in tune with your own needs?   Can you hear yourself think or do you suffer from the fatigue of information and life overload?

 Our mental overload is similar to a child that is entertained by others all day long. They have become so dependent on everyone else entertaining them, that they have never learned how to entertain themselves. Our brains are very much the same. They have become so used to constant entertainment and bombardment, they have become addicted to the noise and chaos. It has become almost impossible to turn our brains off. Even when it is quiet and you are alone, can you turn the outside world off to give yourself peace?

Take Time to Listen to Yourself

When you can’t hear yourself think, start by turning everything off around you. Find a few minutes every day to sit quietly in absolute silence. Close your eyes, breathe, and listen quietly to yourself. Shut the world down. When it comes to spending time with yourself, begin to listen and start to create your own inner harmony!  Think about it. If we have the time to allow our brains to be hijacked by complete strangers on social media, we have time to take back ownership of our minds and to listen to them in ways that can promote our own wellbeing.

Share below how you have started or will start to listen to yourself by learning to filter out the noise and chaos around you.



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