Five Hacks to Help You Meet Your Goals

#personaldevelopment Jan 23, 2023

Last week we talked about why is it that so many people throw in the towel with New Years Resolutions? Within 3 weeks of starting most people have quit. This week let’s look at some systems you can set up that can help you stay on track toward your goals. When it comes to meeting my goals, here are a few things I use that help. 

1) In my Face Reminders:

I am a busy person with lots of distractions and little fires I have to put out daily. In order to stay on track I need reminders ALL day. For example, I have a goal to drink 72 ounces of water a day. In order to meet this goal, I have to put a water bottle in front of my face all day. I have a water bottle at home, at work, and in my car. This helps BUT it still is sometimes not enough. I get busy and often forget even when the water bottle is in front of my face! I need reminders from my phone to take a water break. How can something so simple be so hard?  It doesn't have to be if I set up systems or reminders that help me form habits faster that stick. Don’t just make a goal, develop systems and hacks to keep the goal. 

2) Kick it Out:

Last week I shared how my last two annual physicals showed my blood sugars to be in pre-diabetic range. It is minimally hiked up but needs my attention. I don’t know about you, but if I see it, I want it. I have to get high sugar things out of my face and kick them out of my house. I have to make it harder and less convenient to get access to it. I also stay away from things I know will entice me. I don’t go the bakery in the grocery store and feast my eyes on stuff I should not have! However, I also don’t deprive myself either. I substitute other things in that are better and lower in sugar. 

3) Make a Plan 

I am often pushing my schedule to the hilt. I always try to fit in “ONE MORE THING.” It is a bad habit that causes me to run behind and get stressed. For example, if I start running behind I often fly out the door and forget half of what I need. It is downright frustrating. Here are a few hacks I have done to help. The night before, I plan and prepare what I need and put it by the door. I set my alarm on my phone for a hard stop that gives me a few minutes to tie up loose ends. I have a post-it on my exit  door that tells me to "STOP AND THINK." I take a quick second to think of things I may have forgotten. I find this also has helped my kids to get ready and prepare for transitions better.

4) Schedule it

Before I had kids, I used to workout at night. It calmed me down and got my body ready for sleep. When I had kids, this schedule went out the window. By the time I got to the end of the day I had no energy left to do anything. Getting my kids to bed was a workout in and of itself. 

I had to change my workout time to the morning before my family got up.  I put my workout clothes in the bathroom and put my alarm across the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.  I set up everything so it was easy to get downstairs fast and get my workout done. Schedule your goal where you are most apt to get it done without distractions. Then get everything ready so it is quick and easy. The more time I give myself for excuses not to workout the less likely I am to do it.

5) Shoot to Win NOT Perfection

Too often we make a goal and try to do it perfectly. If we miss a day we quit. I can’t possibly meet my goals every day, but I can celebrate the times do. Changing your mindset to celebrate the days you do meet your goals instead of claiming failure every time you don’t will give you a different perspective.  I make my list of goals, track my progress daily, and celebrate my wins; not perfection. If I am falling behind on a goal, I may need to evaluate it but not quit. I ask myself, “What am I doing that is getting in the way of meeting that goal and what can I change help move it forward?’ Sometimes I find I have too many goals and need to set one on the back burner to do later in the year. Whatever it is, keep your goals in your face and not in a drawer where you can't reflect on your progress often. Make sure you celebrate the wins and integrate that success into increasing your confidence and self esteem! 

I have found setting goals without the systems in place to meet them is just setting myself up for failure. Sit down and look at your goals. What can you do to help yourself meet them. Can you set reminders, plan, schedule or celebrate in ways that help? Share what you do to meet your goals below with others!


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