Do You Have a New Vision for the New Year?

#personaldevelopment Dec 27, 2022

I am always excited as one year closes and another one begins. I don’t see it as a year to get older, but a year to become better and do more! At 62 years of age, I am still rearing and ready to go!  How do I keep my energy and zeal for life? For the past five years, I have made a vision board over Christmas break. I love doing this and cannot tell you how much this helps give me, not only tremendous hope, but a road map for opportunity and growth.

Make it a Family Affair

My kids also make their vision boards so this process has become a family affair. Around the first of December, we all go out to dinner and start writing and thinking about the New Year. After dinner, we make a trip to several stores to get stickers, poster board, glue, and other things we want. This builds excitement and creativity for the holidays and new year.

How to get Started

After Christmas dinner, we all gather together and start prioritizing everything into categories that are meaningful to us. For example, some of the categories we use are: family and friends, career, new adventure, hobbies, etc. My son who has multiple disabilities LOVES to make his vision board.  I find it really helps give him some visual reminders throughout the year. His vision board is pictured above. New Years Eve we are going out for Pakastani food so we are hitting one of his visions already! 

How to Make Your Vision Board

Your vision board can fit your own style. I get pictures and text from which is free. I use diagrams and photos, as well as, text of different sizes and fonts. I put all this onto canva pages and print them out. You can also use google to get photos or clip art. You can even draw or paint your own things.  I cut everything out, gather my stickers and decorations, and place them onto my board. I also have a word of the year that I put at the top of the board. This word is my mantra for the year. Once I get everything situated, I paste it all down and finish the poster board. My kids and I talk about our boards and show them to each other The boards then go into our rooms and become visible for us to see every day. We also talk about our boards throughout the year and help each other to realize our visions.

Why Vision Boards?

Vision boards are great visuals for things that are a priority to you in the New Year. Instead of the year just happening to you, you now have a vision and a small road map to keep you going in the right direction. I also use my vision board to make up my goals for the year. The vision board is the big picture and the goals are the break down of all the steps that keep me heading toward that vision. 

I no longer do New Years resolutions, instead, I do vision boards. I really recommend it for your children, especially those with disabilities. Giving them visuals really helps. They get so excited when they actually start taking the steps toward realizing their goals and visions for the year. What gets us really excited is that each year the boards change and grow in expectation of the new opportunities that await us. My kids and I often reminisce as we look through our vision boards from past years and how we have changed and grown.

Share below what you do to get your vision for the New Year started. Do you use a vision board or something else? 


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