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How to Make Health your Habit!

Uncategorized May 23, 2022

Whenever you need to change something about your life, do you generally meet with internal resistance. For example, you may know you need to drink more water and less coffee. You may know you need to watch less Netflix or TikToc and get more physically active. What is the first feeling that hits you when you have to change? Excitement or dread?  Quite often,  your biggest problem sometimes can be just getting the motivation to start.

Ask yourself, "why?"

Do an inventory of how you want to feel as a result of changing something. For example, I struggle a lot with getting enough sleep. There is a direct trade-off when I do get enough sleep versus when I don’t. If I don’t get enough sleep, I feel foggy, lethargic, and less tolerant of the world around me. In contrast, I feel so much more vibrant, energetic and alive when I get the sleep I need. I know I “should” get more sleep but the motivation to do it is often based on the simple question of, “How do I want to feel?” Scolding myself into submission never works. Weighing the contrast of my decision or the “why” I am doing something gets me a lot more motivated.

Always start small!

If I were to start by drastically changing something, the chances of the change becoming permanent are much smaller. Change that happens in smaller increments and is more enjoyable and less disruptive tends to stick. Think of one small thing you can change to improve your health and well-being. It might be to take a walk around the block once a week or go with a friend to an exercise class. Hooking up with somebody else provides encouragement and support.  I may also listen to a great podcast or music when I walk. Sometimes I do two things at once. I might Facetime a friend or make a phone call. Whatever it is, try to make the time enjoyable not a drudgery! 

Change your mindset!

Instead of eating less and instilling a feeling of deprivation, make a decision to eat one meal that is more healthy every week. You can do more as time goes on. Make the one thing a positive change or a gift you give yourself. We often have a mindset of “have to.” We deprive ourselves of things in order to look better for other people. Instead, of doing things for other people, make a change to feel better about yourself. Change your mindset and take ownership of your health and well-being. 

Often we look at our health and well-being as drudgery or too much work. We may often make changes for the wrong reason.  We do it for others or because we have been told we “have to.” Begin to think of small ways you can take the first step to get started and look for progress not perfection!

Share things below about health changes you can make that are for you or a gift you can yourself.


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