Exceptional Children Need Exceptional Parents

Our training programs empower parents with the skills and strategies to help your children reach their fullest potential.


Learn Skills & Strategies

Gain skills to help your child make consistent progress toward their goals

Get Results

Avoid making costly mistakes that waste valuable time for your child

Maximize Potential

Focus on your child's strengths and abilities not their disabilities

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Imagine what it would feel Like To have a plan that will transform your fears into confidence. Our online programs help you decrease one of the biggest fears parents express, "What will the future bring?" The answer begins by learning the basic steps you need to teach your child today!

Be the EXPERT when it comes to your child and  instill self advocacy

Ensure your child is  INCLUDED in every facet of life

Maximize INDEPENDENCE for life and employment

Founder of Pathways Becomes International Best Selling Author!

Melinda Jennis just released her paperback cover of her new book Include ME! on Amazon. The book reached #1 Best Seller in 15 categories of education and parenting. The book tells the story of how to build greater inclusion in our schools and communities. It is an inspiring book for parents having children with special needs that builds hope and leadership skills to help you get better outcomes for your child!


Meet Melinda and Jacob

Every parent is filled with dreams for their children. Suddenly you begin to suspect your child has disabilities.  After researching and endless frustration you finally get a diagnosis and your world is turned upside down. What do you do and where do you go?

Melinda is a child advocate, president and founder of Pathways for Exceptional Children, and licensed physical therapist. Most importantly, she understands YOU and your obstacles! Her son, Jacob has multiple disabilities.

Melinda has coached hundreds of parents and families for over 20 years. If you need guidance, Pathways training and coaching programs are here to help!  The best thing about our programs is that they are built upon the premise of parents teaching parents!  Professionals will also be invited to share their expertise within our online programs.


Melinda Jennis Podcasts and Tv Apprearances

Parent Testimonials

For 21 years Pathways has helped thousands navigate the ups and downs of raising an exceptional child. Here is what families have said.....

"Pathways for Exceptional Children has been an asset to our community. Melinda has been a guiding light for families with kids with special needs. We worked with Melinda for many months to seek appropriate placement for our daughter. Melinda has extensive knowledge and experience in advocacy and provides exceptional insights. She is thorough with special education law and can think 10 steps ahead in the process. She coached us through our evaluations and how to advocate more on our own. Melinda's experience and skills can help your child - a decision that your child will benefit for years to come. "

- Vikas and Rupali


Pathways has a private Facebook group that supports parents who are struggling to find answers for their children. It is a place you can go to share your successes, ask questions, or get support when you need it!

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News you can use on your journey to raising a child with special needs!

Parents Drive Inclusion!

Helping children in your community and schools to feel a sense of belonging is every person's responsibility. As a parent of a child with special needs we know all too often how our children can be excluded and segregated.  Pathways has 20 years of experience in building inclusion and offers many trainings to school and communities.  Training people how to include and modify is the first step.  Click below for more information on how to make you community more inclusive!


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