3 Essential Tips to Improve IEP Outcomes 

How to go from feeling powerless to confident!

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Wednesday - 12/1/21



Feeling Overwhelmed?

As a parent of a child with disabilities you are faced with challenges that can overwhelm and drain you of the confidence and strength you need to keep advocating for your child.

This free training will help you focus on three essential tips to improve IEP outcomes for your child. Space is limited so register soon!

You will learn to:  

1) Strengthen evaluations and  progress notes.

2) Be aware of red flags in an IEP

3) Build trust and collaboration

4) Feel more confident and empowered

Q&A time at the end of the discussion!


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How to go from powerless to confident!

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 About the Instructors

Dr. Michele Havens  

Dr. Havens received her Ed.D. degree from Rutgers University. She completed a graduate certificate in ABA from the University of Arizona. She is certified in DIR/Floortime, is a BCBA, and was a Professor at several universities in the northeast. 

Dr. Havens has provided training and services for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities from birth to adulthood for the last 40 years. She is the mother of an adult with disabilities and has been the facilitator of several parent and sibling support groups. 


Melinda Jennis

Melinda Jennis is a child advocate and has been the president and founder of the nonprofit, "Pathways for Exceptional  Children", since 2002  She became a best selling author in the spring 2021 with her book "Include ME!." 

At Pathways, Melinda has been instrumental in designing 40 inclusive after-school programs a year and has trained 49,000 children across New Jersey to be mentors and ambassadors for inclusion. She is also the mother of a 24 year old son with multiple disabilities, which has enabled her to not only understand, but be an effective coach for the hundreds of parents she has helped over the past 20 years.