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Women Empowering Women


Our Special Guest: Sabrina Klele

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Wednesday - June 8, 2022



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Women Empowering Women

Women that are mothers, especially of children with special needs, struggle with losing who they are and fulfilling their personal own dreams. Pathways is interviewing mothers who have successfully kept their dreams alive while juggling everything else in life.

Sabrina Klele lives in Montville Township, New Jersey and is pictured above with her family.  While growing up with two brothers that have special needs, Sabrina developed  a passion for teaching and helping children with a wide variety of disabilities.  Upon graduation from high school, she obtained a degree in special education and psychology and began  teaching at The Forum School in Waldwick, which is a school dedicated to children with autism and related learning, language, behavioral and social challenges.  She also went to work with Sunny Days Early Intervention providing home therapy to little ones.

After her fourth child, Sabrina decided to pursue her other passions, Yoga and Real Estate.  During the pandemic, in 2020, she earned her Real Estate license and Yoga Certification.  She now works as a Realtor, Yoga Instructor and, of course, is a full-time mom.  Sabrina loves to be part of the community and helping out when she can.

We have asked her to share her experiences as a mom of a child with special needs and how she so gracefully balances 4 children with her own dreams and life!

There will be plenty of time for sharing and Q&A.